Tolling Program

Your Coffee Beans And The Swiss Water® Process

We guarantee that the original characteristics of your premium green coffee beans will be left intact. The only thing missing will be the caffeine, leaving behind nothing but great tasting, full-flavored caffeine-less coffee. Other benefits of our tolling program include:

High Quality Standards

From our door to yours. The beans you send us are constantly checked for cupping quality both before and after the caffeine has been removed from them. This includes a tracking and monitoring service to ensure your beans never come in contact with any other coffee beans.

Management Of Customs Documents

We make it easy for you to send us your coffee beans to Canada. Just send us a Canadian Customs Invoice, and our customs broker will handle everything else. Once your coffee arrives, you’ll get a certified weight certificate from a third party weigh master to make sure your coffee arrived the same way you sent it to us.

Quick Turnaround

Our North American location allows for prompt processing and very fast turnaround times because we’re located by the international port of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Blending Capabilities

Our state of the art blending capabilities enable us to pre-blend coffees to your formula, if desired.

Guaranteed Shrinkage Allowance

Decaffeination orders 12,700 lbs and above have a 5% weight loss guarantee, while smaller orders have a 6.5% weight loss guarantee. Weight loss does not include loss resulting from changes in moisture between incoming and outgoing green. If, during decaffeination, we exceed these weight loss levels, we will reimburse you for the cost of the green beans over the guaranteed allowance.

Minimum Toll Quantity

As long as you cover the freight to and from our facility we’ll process as much coffee as you want! We’re also glad to help you out with any required shipping to locations in North America or anywhere really. We do require a minimum of 7500 pounds of green coffee beans to use our tolling service.

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